Tom Whitaker started Mr. ShowerDoor, Inc. back in 1981 with the determined mission of bringing meticulous craftsmanship and the best quality materials together to deliver the finest shower enclosure products possible. Frustrated and disappointed with the lackluster products available at that time, Tom began to design enclosure systems that were not only beautiful but built to last. Though the business has grown over the years to include locations across the country, Mr. ShowerDoor’s original mission has not changed… we build enclosures that we are proud to sell and that our customers are proud to have in their homes.

Frameless Shower Doors: The highest quality materials and the use of alternative gasketing techniques give our frameless enclosures the look and feel of pure glass. With most projects being made to order, the opportunities for creative expression are virtually limitless.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors: We offer a wide variety of framing material options and finishes, that when coupled with numerous glass textures, colors and thicknesses make our Luxus Limited semi-frameless enclosures a great choice for a vast array of creative projects.

Sliding Shower Doors: With the glass suspended from a full-length hanger that provides a secure, permanent grip while remaining totally concealed within the header, these enclosures produce a quality sliding action that is so smooth you can actually hear the difference.

Specialty Enclosures: Our ability to combine and customize our products means that virtually any concept can be made a reality. We have the technical capabilities to meet the most exacting specifications in order to bring the details of your unique design to life.  Even rough sketches can be converted to CAD blueprints and machined from solid brass by our in-house manufacturing processes. From custom frame sizes and intricate decorative fittings to our unique plated metal layover, the only limit is your imagination!

Designed for long-term care-free use, all of our enclosure products are guaranteed leakproof. We back up our guarantee with the highest quality components and workmanship in the industry.